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Experience Lapland

Experience lapland

3-nights activity package

man står under ett norrsken i kiruna

Day 1

  • Transport to the lodge from Kiruna Airport or train station
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Meet and greet the team
  • We provide you with arctic clothes. Down jacket & pants. Winter boots, hat, and gloves

Northern Lights
Your adventure kicks off in the most memorable way possible. We begin with a cozy dinner inside a tipi, nestled just outside the enchanting Lodge Máttaráhkka, setting the stage for the evening’s magic. After we’ve enjoyed the local delicacies and the atmosphere of the lodge, it’s time to chase the celestial spectacle. We’ll hop on snowmobiles and head up to the summit of Mt. Ednavaara. There, far from the city lights, the mountains serve as a breathtaking canvas for the aurora borealis, offering us a front-row seat to nature’s most dazzling display.The guide will bring a camera and take pictures throughout the entire evening for your memories.

The guide will bring a camera and take pictures throughout the entire evening for your memories.

  • Total time: 5 hours incuding a 2-course dinner

Day 2

Dogsledding: Ride with the guide
We’ll start the day with a thrilling dog sled ride through a winter wonderland in the taiga forest. Guided by an expert, you’ll whisk through the winter landscape, feeling the crisp air and the excitement of gliding over the snow.

Midway, the journey takes a cozy turn with a Swedish Fika beside a crackling fire in a tipi nestled in the forest. It’s a moment of warmth and sweetness, a pause in the heart of nature.

Visit the original ICEHOTEL
After a fast-paced dog sled ride through the forest, the guide leaves you at the icehotel, where you can feast on a Swedish buffet of dishes and experience the magical original ICHOTEL made of snow and ice as well as the revolutionary ICEHOTEL 365.

Admire the spectacular individual Art Suites designed by leading artists from all around the world, and take a cocktail in the unique ice glasses at the sculptured ice bar.

Dinner at Arctic Eden Hotel
We end the day with a delightful 3-course dinner at Arctic Eden Hotel, lovingly prepared by our skilled chefs from the best local ingredients. It’s a wonderful way to end the day, relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Day 3

Views over Lapland by snowmobile
Enjoy a half-day unique and well-executed snowmobile safari cruising around Lapland by snowmobile. As the only company in Kiruna, we offer day trips by snowmobile that take you to the edge of the Arctic tundra and up above the tree line to Lapland viewpoint which offers an amazing view over a pristine Arctic wilderness. We take a short break on a frozen lake where we brew some coffee over the crackling fire and enjoy some Swedish Fika; here you also have the chance to try out some traditional ice fishing.

Back at the hotel, we serve you a 2-course lunch

Note: You need to have a valid driving license.

  • Transfer from and to your hotel
  • Arctic clothing loan
  • Hot beverages
  • Swedish Fika on the frozen lake by the fire
  • Optional Try out some ice fishing
  • 2-course lunch at the lodge
  • 1 snowmobile for 2 people (shared with another person)

Aurora chase by a minivan at Kiruna-Abisko Nationalpark
Later in the day, as evening unfolds, we embark on an enchanting Aurora chase in the pristine surroundings of Kiruna-Abisko National Park. Your adventure begins cozily, gathered around a fire inside a tipi next to the lodge, where a delicious BBQ meal sets the tone for the night ahead.

Then, comfortably nestled in a warm minivan, we take to the serene roads of Lapland, journeying to the finest viewing spots. Here, under the vast Arctic sky, we await the magical dance of the Northern Lights, an experience that promises to be the highlight of your journey.

Day 4

Check out

  • Check out
  • Transfer to Kiruna airport or train station
Total pris för hela paketet:

fr. 22 190 SEK / Vuxen (Nov 1 - Dec 23)

fr. 24 590 SEK / Vuxen (Dec 24 – March 31)

Fr. 8,125 SEK / Barn


Email: reservation@hotelarcticeden.se

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