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Our family-owned lodge, Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge, is an enchanting place surrounded by nature and located just a short distance from the hotel. We are part of Adventure Lapland and offer carefully selected day and/or night activities for our guests.

When you book one of our activities, you get to experience very unique winter safaris off the map that truly differ from other tour operators in our area. We focus on larger, well-executed day adventures without time restrictions. Our ability to offer flexible programs that take weather conditions into account ensures that you always get the best possible experience.

We are proud to be ranked as # 1 among lodges in Kiruna!

With our concept, Adventure Lapland, we offer unique winter safaris in Kiruna’s stunning nature.

Our programs provide you the opportunity to experience the best of Kiruna through unique safaris and carefully planned adventures. We aim for maximum flexibility to ensure that you, as our guest, always have the most memorable experience of our beautiful home.

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#1 Lodge in Kiruna

Winter Safaris in Kiruna since 2003

Adventure Lapland has been welcoming guests to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland for over 15 years.

At Hotel Arctic Eden, we are thrilled to partner with Adventure Lapland, a seasoned guide in Swedish Lapland for over 15 years. Their expertise in creating unique, off-the-map activities ensures an unforgettable Arctic experience for every guest. Join us in exploring the best of the north from the beautifully situated Máttaráhká Northern Light Lodge, your perfect retreat for both relaxation and adventure.