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Activities in Kiruna

Activities in Kiruna & Blogg

Kiruna, nestled in the heart of Swedish Lapland, is renowned not only for its magnificent Northern Lights and mountainous landscapes but also for its abundance of thrilling nature-based activities that attract visitors from around the world. If you’re seeking exciting and memorable experiences in Kiruna, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Explore the Arctic paradise through our unique offerings, ranging from enchanting Northern Lights tours to adventurous dog sledding and serene ice fishing in picturesque settings. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or someone fascinated by culture, Kiruna has something special for every visitor. Let us be your guide to unforgettable moments in this extraordinary part of the world. Discover our diverse array of activities in Kiruna and craft your own enchanting adventure.

Below, we list some of our best tips for activities in Kiruna:
dog sledding 1

Dog sledding

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the snowy terrain on a dog sled tour. Lead your own team of dogs or relax and enjoy the breathtaking view as arched paws slide across the sparkling snow. It's a perfect opportunity to get a deeper connection with nature while experiencing the thrill of driving your own dog sled. Together with our partner, Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge, we offer dog sled tours in Kiruna. The dog guides use meditation with the dogs before they leave and after they are quiet then they are rewarded and allowed to go.

man står under ett norrsken i kiruna

Northern Lights Adventure

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are one of nature's most enchanting and spectacular spectacles. In Kiruna, you have the opportunity to witness this fantastic natural phenomenon up close. Northern lights tours in Kiruna give you the chance to experience this natural play of light in an enchanting way. During a Northern Lights tour, you get the opportunity to travel away from the lights of the city to remote locations where light pollution is minimal, providing the best possible conditions to experience the Northern Lights in their full glory. Knowledgeable guides will share their knowledge of the nature of the aurora borealis, explain its scientific background and recount the fascinating myths and legends surrounding this phenomenon. Witnessing the Northern Lights is like being a part of nature's own work of art and will definitely create memories for a lifetime. We offer unforgettable northern light tours in Kiruna together with our partner, Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge.

Ice fishing, isfiske I Kiruna

Ice fishing

Experience the thrill of drilling holes in the thick ice and casting out your fishing line, ready to catch the day's catch. Kiruna is known for its rich fishing resources and attracts enthusiasts from far and wide. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, there is something special about spending hours on a frozen lake, surrounded by silence and the fresh, clear air. During this unique activity that we offer together with Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge, you have the opportunity to try traditional ice fishing or modern methods, depending on your preferences. Sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet while you wait for the fish to bite. Maybe you catch a pike or a trout, or maybe even a valuable char. Regardless of the result, the experience of ice fishing in Kiruna is something to remember for life.

Christmas Package Snow

Snowmobile safari

Go on a snowmobile safari and explore vast snow-covered plains and deep forests. With a scooter as a means of transport, you can reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access and experience Kiruna’s natural beauty in an exciting way. Curious? We offer snowmobile safaris together with our partner, Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge. Enjoy the powerful snowmobile’s journey through that winter landscape and get a real sense of freedom.

mountain hiking in kiruna lapland

Mountain hike

Put on your hiking boots and embark on a mountain trek in the surroundings of Kiruna. Explore the majestic mountains and beautiful national parks that surround the city. Experience the grandeur of nature, the wildlife, and the picturesque hiking trails that lead you to spectacular viewpoints. A mountain trek in Kiruna will give you memories for a lifetime.

Our Best Tips for Mountain Trekking in Kiruna:

  • Trollsjön: Discover the beauty around Trollsjön with an enchanting hike.
  • Láddjujávri: Explore the picturesque trail at Láddjujávri for an unforgettable nature experience.
  • Nikkaloukta: Venture onto paths near Nikkaloukta and experience the magic of the mountain world.
  • Björkliden: Explore the hiking trails of Björkliden and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Put on your hiking boots and let these tips guide you to memorable adventures in the mountain world of Kiruna.

Regardless of the activities you choose to explore, you can be sure to experience outstanding adventures and unforgettable moments in this magical part of the world. From Northern Lights tours to ice fishing and wilderness hikes, Kiruna offers a wealth of natural treasures and experiences that will enrich your journey and create memories for a lifetime.

We provide a wide range of exciting activities that allow you to explore Kiruna’s unique nature and culture. Feel free to contact us at reservation@hotelarcticeden.se, and we will help you navigate through all possibilities and create a tailored experience that suits you. We look forward to being your guide to an unforgettable time in Kiruna.

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