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Experience Christmas in Kiruna

Experience Christmas in Kiruna

22 – 26 December 2024

5-nights activity package

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Day 1 | 22 December


  • Transport to the lodge from Kiruna Airport or the train station
  • Check-in at the hotel


Day 2 | 23 December

We’ll start this journey with an exiting snowmobile safari across the stunning landscapes of Lapland. Climbing past the treeline to breathtaking viewpoints, we’ll also embrace a slice of local tradition with some ice fishing. Around a cozy fire, we’ll enjoy freshly brewed coffee and Swedish Fika, truly making the most of the moment.

The next leg of our adventure brings us to Mattharakha Lodge, our cozy retreat, where we will indulge in a  2-course lunch prepared from the freshest local ingredients. As we dine, we’ll share stories of our day’s exploits and marvel at the stunning beauty that is uniquely Lapland, rounding off a truly memorable day in the Arctic wilderness.

The night begins with the warmth of a fire in a tipi close to the lodge, where we’ll gather for a tasty BBQ dinner. As the flames flicker and the aroma of grilled delights fills the air, we’ll share stories and anticipation for the night ahead.

Once we’ve savored our BBQ meal, our quest for the Northern Lights begins. Depending on the weather and conditions, we’ll either search for the auroras with snowmobiles or take a minivan to Abisko, renowned for its prime viewing spots, ensuring a magical and unforgettable encounter with the dancing lights.

Day 3 | 24 December

On the third day with us, prepare for a remarkable adventure. We’ll introduce you to our wonderful friends at Husky Home, who will guide you through an unforgettable dogsledding experience.

They bring a deep passion for their musher lifestyle in the Arctic, offering you a unique opportunity to engage with this extraordinary way of life. Together, we’ll navigate the pristine wilderness of the Arctic, where breathtaking landscapes and encounters with local wildlife await at every turn.

Dinner at the lodge
After a day filled with excitement and discovery, you’ll return to Mattharakha Lodge for a well-deserved treat. Team Alex awaits to serve you a sumptuous 3-course dinner, showcasing the best of Swedish Lapland’s culinary traditions. Each dish is carefully crafted to reflect the rich flavors and heritage of the region, ensuring a perfect end to your thrilling day.

Day 4 | 25 December - Christmas Eve

Following breakfast, we’ll come together to deck out the Christmas tree at the Mattharakha Lodge, transforming it into a festive spectacle. With the tree fully trimmed, we’ll go outside to find Santa and his reindeer ready to greet us in the traditional Sami tent (kåta), where he’ll be handing out gifts to all those who’ve made the nice list.

Amidst this festive joy, we’ll also savor the flavors of traditional Sami cuisine by the warmth of a crackling fire. After our hearty lunch, we’ll venture out to explore the original ICEHOTEL, a marvel of winter wonder and artistic ice craftsmanship.

Visit the original ICEHOTEL

After enjoying a warm, festive morning at the Mattharakha Lodge and meeting Santa, our day takes an enchanting turn. We head off to the original ICEHOTEL, a place where winter’s magic is captured and shaped into something truly breathtaking. Imagine stepping into a world made entirely of ice and snow, where every corner tells a story of art and imagination. The ICEHOTEL 365 awaits us, a unique space where artists from around the globe have turned ice into stunning suites, each with its own story.

As we wander through this chilly, mesmerizing gallery, the air feels different – filled with the crispness of ice yet somehow inviting. And there’s nothing quite like rounding off this icy exploration with a visit to the ice bar, where even the glasses are made of ice. Here, we’ll share a toast, celebrating not just the day’s adventures but the incredible craftsmanship that surrounds us. It’s not just a visit; it’s an experience that feels like stepping into another world, even if just for a moment.

Traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner
As the evening unfolds, we celebrate Christmas Eve together with family and friends. Team Alex has prepared a traditional Swedish julbord (Christmas smorgasbord) for this special occasion.

Day 5 | 26 December

As our journey together comes to a close, we’ll transfer you back to Kiruna Airport. Reflecting on the days spent in the heart of the Arctic, we hope you carry with you memories of a Christmas experience like no other. Let the anticipation of crisp Arctic air, the silent dance of the Northern Lights, and the warmth of our festive traditions kindle your spirit of adventure. We invite you to make these imagined memories real, to join us in creating a holiday story that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Total price for everything:

20,955 SEK / Adult

8,125 SEK / Child

For Bookings:

Email: reservation@hotelarcticeden.se

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